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General Aluminium Works (GAW) is a regional manufacturer of flexible packaging base in Taiping, Perak. The GAW management head office is located in Kuala Lumpur. TEAM WORK, INNOVATION and INTEGRITY as well as the beliefs of QUALITY, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and GROW WITH OUR CUSTOMERS are GAW's core principles. GAW has incorporated a company culture that promotes global partnerships.

paper cup & container

GAW extrudes PE on boards, offering clean, safe boards for Paper Cups and Containers manufacturers. PE boards are delivered either in Roll or Sheet form. You have the option to choose from GAW’s standard board sizes and weight or made to order.

energy and communication

GAW offers a broad range of Cable films individually designed for your specific needs. 

food & beverage

As a specialist for innovative and intelligent food packaging we supply the ideal packaging solution to satisfy your individual needs. Our products meet the highest hygiene standards for food contact. Continuous development of innovative packaging concepts and technical consulting for optimised individual solutions are an integral part of our strategy.

dairy and instant noodle

We develop for you the ideal lidding materials for cups. 

Our products meet the highest hygiene standards for food contact. We develop tailor-made  solutions combining product protection, machine run-ability and attractiveness. Our technical and marketing teams will assist you in defining and implementing the right packaging concept.

snack & confectionery

GAW offers a broad range of packaging solutions for snacks, chocolate confectionary, sugar-based confectionary and biscuits. Our experienced sales team advises you on the ideal packaging & develops the right material structure in cooperation with our R&D staff.

medical & pharmaceutical

Packaging for medical and pharmaceutical products has to fulfill highest hygienic standards and need to provide optimum barrier properties against moisture, water vapor, UV light, gases, fats, etc. GAW offers a broad range of packaging solutions based on quality assurance and adapted manufacturing technology.

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