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Our Factory Sections

Dry Lamination

We laminate a wide range of materials using the most compatible solvent based adhesives.

Wet Lamination

Papers and boards are assembled with aluminium foils or films using a wide range of water based glues. 

Extrusion Coating & Lamination

Aluminium foils paper and films are combined via extrusion lamination. Polymer sealing layers are applied on aluminium foil, paper or film with an extrusion coating.

Wax Coating & Lamination

Wax is coated on paper and aluminium foil or used to assemble them to produce candy, chocolate or soup cube wrappers.


Lacquering is a process of coating various types of lacquers, varnishes or primers to protect surface printing on aluminium papers or films. 


We provide high quality rotogravure printing on papers, films and aluminium foils.

Bag Making

Various materials are converted in ready made center seal bags.


Our Polar High Speed shear cutters deliver optimal cutting precision for products in sheet form.

Sheet Cutting

After guilloting the materials are further cut and trimmed to their final sizes.


Mother rolls of various qualities are slit to suit your machines requirements. 

Die Cutting

We use various punching machines and techniques to manufacture bottle neck labels and cup lids.


Embossing or in-print patterns on aluminium foil, paper or film give your end-product a unique appearance.

Technical & Quality Assurance

We have a well equipped laboratory to test incoming materials, in-process parameters, and outgoing products in conformance with your requirements.

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